Welcome to no-dig-club!

The first rule of no-dig-club, is put the kettle on.

The second rule of no-dig-club, is that there’s no digging! Well, almost. More of that later.

I am opening up the site to anyone that wants to come and do a bit of gardening with me, one day a week. I’ve been pretty lonely when I’m on site, as it’s a large field for one person to fill! So feel free to join me. We’ll start with tea, do some gardening, and then end with a spot of lunch (to say thank you). No pressure, just some gardening.

So if you’d like to know more, please get in touch, and I will start a mailing list so that we can decide between us which day and time might be best.

My email address is, phone number 07916444709.

More about the no-dig method.

Most gardeners, for a very long time, do what farmers do, but on a smaller scale. We dig the soil. sometimes twice, exposing what was trapped in the ground, to the air and light. The no-dig school of thought, is that this is detrimental to the soil, killing vital elements that make the eco system work, as well as letting topsoil wash away in the rain. So, with the no-dig method, you skip this part! No digging – that’s a relief!

Instead, we just kill the grass/weeds by blocking the light (with cardboard, or carpet, or a tarp), and then cover the ground with woodchip or compost. And that’s it! The worms do the rest, turning the new top layer into soil. We then plant into this layer of compost, which gives the soil plenty of fertility, and let nature do the rest.

This method of farming/gardening is becoming very popular on a small scale, for many reasons. It has been shown to reduce the need for weeding, once all weed seeds in the top layer have had a chance to germinate (which can be sped up with a tarp again), it negates the need for back breaking digging or rotovating, and it seems to help with pests as the soil has a more healthy immune system.

Charles Dowding is the authority in this method – I went to his place in Dorset a few months ago and it was blummin’ andsome! Click for more info on his site

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