About Us

Hi, I’m Dan, and I’m the guy who might be on the field a day or two a week, fiddling with fencing, playing with plants or being busy with the bees.

This website is to document the progress of Tresargie Farm permaculture project.

A simple field, turned into something more, with bee habitats and hives, an orchard and an edible forest garden, all coming along nicely.

As an I.T. technician of around 12 years, I wanted to do something that felt worthwhile, and helped the planet a little bit. So, with some help from Cornwall SSE (school for social entrepreneurs), I set up an off-grid workshop to help things along, bought a polytunnel, some tools, and started Googling.

Here is a promo video from Cornwall SSE, 4m56s  minutes in is our clip.

If you’d like to get involved in any way, or perhaps buy some eggs, or have an allotment, please get in touch!

I qualified in permaculture design in 2015, and have been planning, learning and navigating my way to this point, where my design is ready to be implemented. Now the real work begins, and we can open our arms to the community around us to join in, plant a tree, give us your clippings, let’s see if we can learn and create something together.

I invited some WWOOFers,¬†who kindly spent some time over the last couple of summers, digging, plotting, planting and drinking tea, and after a hard day’s graft, we went to the local beaches to give them a taste of Cornwall, as most had not been before. I was fortunate enough to have the help of some great UK volunteers, along with Spanish, Japanese, and Czech too!

So this really is a group effort. Each person helping out puts their mark on this project, with their labour, ideas, art, or just their presence and tea-making skills. Hopefully they’ll all come back for a shindig when the cider apples are fruiting! Thanks guys – your help was very much appreciated.

Now the project is at a tipping point, one that should see a spurt of progress so we can start several endeavours, including a beautiful and productive woodland, rainwater catchment pond and a growing project that will encourage and empower people to grow their own food. Having finally qualified in permaculture design, the plans are ready to be implemented which will see a track, along with fencing to protect trees and crops from the rabbits, and once an agricultural building is finished, I can get rid of the temporary structures that have been storing tools, chicken feed, materials etc.

A summer of hard work is upon us, and the volunteers are vital to make this plan a reality – watch this space to follow us on the journey.

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