Moving forward.
I am now well under way to building the structure I received planning permission for, and the construction is going well.

One major setback, was being burgled, twice. This was major because I was already stretched financially, and to have solar panels, batteries, tools and just about anything of value stolen, was a nasty shock.

Despite being set back by quite some time, the items I keep on site are now just less valuable, and I keep powertools etc with me, or at home. I have also installed a monitored burglar alarm system and have cameras to help me find the culprits if/when they try it again. If I get their picture, I will post it here for all to see.

So, with progress being slow as I recoup the funds to get to the next stage, I am enjoying learning the construction skills, and am excited to almost be at the stage of collecting thousands of litres of rainwater, so I can get growing again! I’d reached the limit of how many plants I can keep alive without a decent water supply, but soon this will be ramped up massively, and I can then plan more plants, and start to bring livestock onto the farm to help with the chores, such as cutting the grass.

Watch this space – I’m considering Sheep, Llamas, Chickens, Ducks, Geese and/or Turkeys, as a way of regenerating the pasture and adding fertility as well as providing a meagre income.